What is Life Insurance?

Life insurance helps make dreams come true at the most difficult time in the life of your loved ones.

A life insurance policy is more than a piece of paper. It is a guarantee that hopes and dreams can stay alive if and when you die. Life insurance coverage can be for a set period of years or for an entire lifetime.
Since your need for life insurance protection will likely change over time, there are many types of life insurances that can fit your needs and budget.

Do you need life insurance?
Yes. If you need or want your loved ones to be financially secure, then life insurance may be a good choice. Life insurance is the indicated choice for the real and psychological security that it provides during periods of good and bad times. You need life insurance if any of the following applies to you;
List of life events
What can life insurance be used for?
The use of life insurance id indicated when there is a need or desire to provide financial and economic support for the people you care about most. Using life insurance can ensure you have provided a means for the health, maintenance and support of your family and the people you care about in the event of your unexpected death. The right life insurance plan for business needs, estate planning, tax planning and retirement planning purposes can help make sure the things you have worked hard for will endure for your loved ones benefit.
Establishing a life insurance plan is desirable when you need or want to;
List of life insurance purposes

When should I buy life insurance?
The best time to look into buying life insurance is now. The reason is that you want to be prepared for such an important decision. The sooner you get the facts you need the better prepared you will be when you make the decision to buy you own life insurance.
Age and health are among the most meaningful factors in the pricing of life insurance premiums. Of course, there are many other factors that may impact life insurance premiums. Today, nearly everyone that wants life insurance can obtain a policy. The key is to know your options.


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