Independent Financial Advisors

Another thing we do differently is that we work with independent financial advisors. That means you should not to limit to just one company’s products, but having access to literally the entire universe of products. Being independent also means recommendations are not made unless they are the best option for you in your situation.

We have access to a variety of different products and policies such as:

• Life insurance

• Disability insurance

• Long-term care insurance

• Health insurance

• Annuities

We even have the book on using annuities as a retirement planning tool.

We can even put you in touch with the book on using annuities as a retirement planning tool.

Our Promise to You

We promise to listen to you. We aren’t interested in just doing a quick transaction. We want to form lifelong relationships of trust. It all starts with listening to you and understanding what your goals and your needs are.

We promise to refer advisors that only recommend products that they believe are your best options. Because we work with independent financial advisors we feel they are free to help you select the best policies for you, no matter what company sells them. Our goal is your financial success and peace of mind.

We promise to answer all of your questions as best we can. We know that for most people buying insurance and thinking about retirement planning is scary and overwhelming. We are not in a rush. Hopefully, we can be a source to answer all of your questions.

Do You Have Questions?

Get in touch with us! Our outstanding customer support team will get back to you within a couple of hours.