The value of life insurance to your investments

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Posted March 20, 2017
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The value of life insurance to your investments

If you are not currently looking at life insurance as an investment, you could be missing out on guaranteed growth.

Talking to a skilled life insurance expert about your investments is beneficial to you because, it can

· Guarantee to increases the size for your investment portfolio

· Saves investments from being depleted

· Takes care of your business when you can’t

Increase the size of your investments using life insurance

When a person dies, instead of depleting funds from their account, life insurance can actually increase the amount of investable assets.

For example, when you die, where do you want your money to go?

Do you want your money to be withdrawn from your investments, or do you want your account to get 2, 3, 4, 5 times bigger and do you want it to be income tax free?

How do you increase your investments using life insurance?

Say you have an account value of $2MM and you need or desire to withdraw 3% ($60,000) a year in the form of interest, dividends and/or capital gains.

At your death, (or at the death of a spouse, another relative or business partner), the same account can now produce,

$120,000, $180,000, $240,000, or $300,000 a year in withdraws while preserving the capital for bequest to their, children, their children’s children, and institution they care deeply about such as a church, charity or school that they want to leave a meaningful legacy.

By securing a guaranteed life insurance policy, you are able to build and transfer wealth to the next generation in your family and leave meaningful gifts to your favorite charities. To do this efficiently, it is best to use the proper life insurance trust.

Life insurance for foreign nationals outside of the United States

Foreign nationals and foreign residents that need life insurance will now find it easier than ever to get life insurance from a United States life insurance company.

Foreign nationals often need and desire to be insured by United States life insurers. However, they frequently find that they cannot get insured because of their foreign national status.

Many of these people will now be able to get life insurance as more life insurers are able to accept foreign nationals for life insurance coverage in the United States.

Foreign national from the United States will also be able to use many of the life insurance advantages to increase and guarantee the size of their investment portfolios.

It is now easier than ever to get life insurance for foreign nationals from the United States. Get in contact with a life insurance advisor by completing our life insurance contact form.

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Life insurance for highly paid executives and business owners

When a highly paid executive dies, the income that sustained the family’s life style, their home, the children’s education and the retirement plans of the surviving spouse are also gone. Life insurance solves the problem of a leaving surviving spouse and children, (and aging parents) with having to make due with less or worse yet, having to make due without.

The solution to these and many other financial problems is the life insurance premium.

To find out what your life insurance premium should be, get in contact with a life insurance advisor by completing our life insurance contact form.

Life insurance for the business owner dilemma

When business ownership changes hands because of the death or disability of an owner, the result is often a swift and sudden loss of irreparable business value.

The future of a business is often disabled or ceases to exist on the same day of the death or disability of a working business owner. The failure to act can cause problems associated with reorganization of business personnel at a time when the business is most vulnerable to financial pressures.

The simple life insurance solution for your business

Using life insurance together with buy-sell planning solves many of the problems that happen when a business owner dies.

To discover your own life insurance solution for your business, get in contact with a life insurance advisor by completing our life insurance contact form.


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