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By: radames
Posted November 16, 2018
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Value. Many direct life insurance agencies offer a variety of valuable resources and represent many insurance companies so that you can compare carriers, products and monthly premiums to suit your needs and preferences for term life insurance.

Convenience. The day-to-day grind can be hectic, but now with the conveniences of contacting a direct seller of life insurance by phone or online, a licensed agent can help answer your questions and match you with the best policy.

Service. When you buy Term Life direct, you benefit from
working with an agency that has centralized resources—one
place to call, one company to guide you and advanced technology to help you move through the process seamlessly. Direct sellers aim to make the process easy for you, taking extra care to streamline the steps and information needed to apply, obtain a medical exam, and underwrite a policy for you.

Quality. Since direct sellers represent many highly-rated insurance carriers, you get the benefit of comparing competitive quotes from leading insurance companies. Your term life policy comes from the insurance company directly. Selecting a highly rated company assures you of dependable service and accountability for years to come.

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